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Who's Who?

Welcome to the "Who's Who" page of the Alberta Palaeontological Society! Here, you'll discover the dedicated individuals who drive our society's mission forward. The following includes our passionate directors and committee heads, each contributing their unique expertise and enthusiasm to the world of palaeontology.

We're always eager to expand our team and welcome fresh perspectives. If you share our love for palaeontology and want to be a part of our exciting journey, consider joining us as a volunteer! By becoming a part of the Alberta Palaeontological Society, you'll have the chance to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the fascinating world of prehistoric discovery.



Cory Gross

Vice President

Emily Bamforth


Mona Trick


Vaclav Marsovsky

Past President

Wayne Braunberger

Title Name Email Telephone
President Cory Gross (403) 617-2079
Vice President Emily Bamforth (587) 771-0662
Treasurer Mona Trick (587) 578-4579
Secretary Vaclav Marsovsky (403) 547-0182
Past President Wayne Braunberger (403) 278-5154

Directors and Committees

Title Name Email Telephone
Editor Howard Allen (403) 274-1858
Membership Howard Allen (403) 274-1858
Program Co-Ordinator Lacey Holoboff (403) 894-0698
Field Trip Co-Ordinator Keith Mychaluk (403) 228-3211
Fossil Collection Howard Allen (403) 274-1858
Librarian Georgia Hoffman (403) 228-7729
Social Virginia Goodman (403) 256-7007
Public Outreach / Education Cory Gross (403) 617-2079
Website Eric Campbell (587) 226-6980
APS Symposium Mona Trick (587) 578-4579


Howard Allen


Howard Allen

Program Co-Ordinator

Lacey Holoboff

Field Trip Co-Ordinator

Keith Mychaluk

Fossil Collection

Howard Allen


Georgia Hoffman


Virginia Goodman

Public Outreach / Education

Cory Gross


Eric Campbell

APS Symposium

Mona Trick