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Alberta Palaeontological Society T-Shirts

We have a new t-shirt design by our own President, Cory Gross!

In his own words,

"The new t-shirt design is meant to celebrate the diversity of Alberta’s prehistory and connections with our neighbouring regions. Flanking the APS logo to the left and right are a Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai from Pipestone Creek and a Bison latifrons, the ice-age longhorn buffalo that ranged across North America. Beneath the Pachyrhinosaurus is Albertonectes vanderveldei from the Bearpaw Formation, which is the world’s longest known elasmosaur. Beneath the Bison are a representative rugose coral, brachiopod, and scaphite ammonite. Directly beneath the APS logo are stromatolites, referencing the 1.1-billion-year-old Siyeh Formation fossils found in the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park area. Above the Pachyrhinosaurus is a giant lycopod tree like Lepidodendron or Sigillaria, representing the Stigmaria site that used to exist in Canyon Creek. Stigmaria is the name assigned to the root fossils of these ancient lycopods. One of less than a handful of Stigmaria sites in Canada, the site in Canyon Creek was apparently wiped out by the 2013 floods. Above the Bison is a Metasequoia tree, the leaves, twigs, and cones of which are common Late Cretaceous and Early Cenozoic fossils in Alberta. Between them is a volcano representing the 110-million-year-old eruption in the Cranbrook, B.C., area that deposited the Crowsnest Volcanics here in Alberta. Blairemorite is a rare volcanic rock known only from the Crowsnest Volcanics site in the Crowsnest Pass and the Lupata Gorge in Mozambique. The volcano is also a tribute to late APS member Phil Benham, who had a passion for climbing volcanoes around the world and passed away earlier this year."

To order a copy, print a copy of the t-shirt order form, then fill out and send in as per instructions on the form. These can also be purchased at our meetings.


Book 1 - Guide to Common Vertebrate Fossils from the Cretaceous of Alberta

Use this book to identify your fossils using Hope Johnson's and other illustrators' detailed and labelled technical renderings of the dinosaurs, fish, lizards, amphibians, marine reptiles and turtles from the Alberta Cretaceous. This is a valuable guide for amateur fossil enthusiasts which includes 234 pages and illustrated with 144 drawings in a coil binding for ease of use.

Included here is a link to several sample pages that are a good representation of the content.

To order a copy, print a copy of the book 1 order form, then fill out and send in as per instructions on the form.

Book 2 - Now There Was a Lady!, Hope Johnson, LL.D., 1916 - 2010

By Darren Tanke, edited and published by the Alberta Palaeontological Society,

with forewords by palaeontologist Dr. Philip J. Currie, artist Allan Jensen and geologist, museologist, naturalist and writer, David A.E. Spalding.

The 2010 passing of Hope Johnson marked the end of an era for Alberta’s verte­brate palaeontology communities. Her death affected other disciplines, too, as she travelled in many circles within the province for 65 years. How many among us can truly say they never knew her personally, saw her art work, or learned to identify Alberta prairie plants, or Late Cretaceous bones and teeth through her fossil identification books? During much of her middle and later life, and especially during the late 1950s to 1980s, Hope was a well-known and respected powerhouse in the Albertan amateur and professional vertebrate palae­ontological communities. She was also heavily involved in the naturalist and visual arts communities as well as charitable organizations. This book focuses on her extensive activities in Alberta vertebrate palaeontology and provides examples of some of her fossil and botanical drawings and paintings. Coil bound, 283 pages; extensively illustrated in black and white, with 30-page colour section showcasing Hope Johnson’s art. Includes index.

To order a copy, print a copy of the book 2 order form, then fill out and send in as per instructions on the form.

To Order

Print and fill out the appropriate form. Then mail it along with a payment to APS at the address provided on the order form. If paying by Interac e-Transfer, fill out the form, scan and email the completed form to Mona Trick at

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