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Fossil Collection

The APS fossil collection includes vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, and ichnofossils (tracks), primarily from Alberta, but also from other areas of North America. The collection has been in existence since the late 1980s.

The APS Fossil Collection is available to members for viewing, for comparative study in identification of your own fossils or for use in educational undertakings. From time to time it is also used for displays at the annual APS Symposium and at the Calgary Rock and Lapidary Club show.

The collection is properly indexed in a database managed by the APS Curator.

For inquiries about the collection, about the listing of the fossils, or access to the collection, please contact the Curator, Howard Allen as follows:

Howard Allen,
c/o Alberta Palaeontological Society
P.O. Box 68024, Crowfoot Postal Outlet
Calgary, Alberta  T3G 3N8


Howard Allen
7828 Hunterslea Cr., N.W.
Calgary, Alberta  T2K 4M2
Ph. 403-274-1858

Viewing must be arranged ahead of time!

You may also E-mail the editor at

Donations are currently not being accepted due to storage limitations.